Okay, a hashtag like #BFAT* will not change your life. But it’s a start…

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I was born to #BFAT.

Let’s get real for a minute.

Any life change requires your participation. A pair of high-tech sneakers will not make you an Olympic long distance runner. And a benign hashtag like #BFAT* (Be F–g Awesome Today/Be F.A.T.) will only change your life if you adopt the idea and practice its principles every day.

I’ll give you 5 ways using the #BFAT mantra will change your life, if you give it a try. You’ll come up with more ways and better ideas to incorporate four silly letters into your day to make it work for you. Trust me.

I’m a self-learner, positive-thinking, glass is half full kind of gal. Most of the time. The concept of #BFAT is a change in your mindset. That’s it. No choir. No rainbows. No grand epiphanies.

You decide that you are going to be awesome at whatever it is you do, today. Seriously.

Wake up grumpy? Can’t get motivated to be awesome? Fine. Clean out the refrigerator. Pay a bill. Send a sick friend a get well card. Take your mind off yourself a bit. In the process a few things will happen, including finding out what that God-awful stench is every time you open the fridge.


  • You will get something done and feel accomplished. Small task or not. Doesn’t matter. Do it. Do it well. It’s progress.
  • Being busy will free up the inside of that dome piece stuck to your neck from the negative energy, degrading self-talk, hangover…whatever is keeping you from being awesome. All those “bad guys” playing nasty in that head of yours can’t all win at the same time.
  • You’ll forget that you “planned” to be awesome today. Your path will just go in that direction on its own.

The fact you woke up is a very good sign, remember? Crap happens every day. People, situations, an overflowed toilet (yep) get in the way of your “dreams”, “goals”, “desires”.  What to do, what to do?

Recognize it.

Accept it.

Move on.

You don’t need a food fast or take a zippy walk across hot coals to prove to other people you have control over your life. There are hundreds, probably thousands, of self-help gurus out there who will have their own philosophy to help you achieve your personal Nirvana. Over the years I have subscribed to many of these ideas too and in some humble way I’m sure it’s led me to create #BFAT.

5 Ways living #BFAT will change your life

There are (at least) 5 ways adopting #BFAT will change your life:

1. By declaring you are in fact awesome, you stand taller. Whether you believe that a Supreme Being chose you to be on this planet or the Stork delivered you into your mamma’s arms doesn’t matter. For the purpose of the #BFAT declaration just believe it’s not a fluke you are here.

2. Little by little all the stuff, i.e. Crap and Shit, will begin to look like, well, the C & S it really is. If I could sell C & S spray in a can I would. Is this part clear?

3. You will face all the fears, doubts and self-imposed roadblocks and it will scare the bejesus out of you. What was once a comfortable position — to not start again or worse fail, maybe again — will smack you in the face. You will either repeat the C & S until you’re exhausted or enjoy the Aha moment when you remember you were born to be awesome. You just forgot. Well, here’s your reminder. You’re welcome.

4. Once you step out, figure on a few false starts, a trip here or there. That’s cool. What is not cool is freezing in place. Shake it off and thaw out. These paralyzing moments will diminish over time. When they do show up, instead of causing you stress you’ll seek solutions and carry on.

5. Each step forward builds not only momentum but confidence. Being awesome is YOUR mindset. It’s permission to be who you know you are suppose to be. And you do know. You’ll stop worrying about what others think and stop making excuses. Aren’t you tired of that?

The more #BFAT is integrated into your daily thinking, the more aware you’ll be that your time on this planet is limited to accomplish whatever it is you believe you must. You won’t feed on the crap from other people. You stop questioning why you’re not worthy, taller, smaller, smarter, richer. All that time-wasting C & S.

You know you want to do it. You know you were born to do it. Whatever it is for you. #BFAT.

# BFAT (Be Fucking Awesome Today)

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