16 mandarins (2kg)1.2kg sugar6 cups ofDears Friends,

I was inspired today watching Bo Eason’s video on not having a PLAN B for your life.

You know the old term your mama preached: “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”?

Have a back-up plan, just in case –- the sky falls down, s/he leaves you, you run out of money…

But does having a PLAN B dilute your awesome, wonderful, passion-filled PLAN A?

Should we consider putting all our eggs in one basket then?

And protecting that basket with all our might?

Paraphrased from the military, there are two kinds of PAIN in life:

1. The PAIN of DISCIPLINE (to achieve PLAN A)
2. The PAIN of REGRET (not protecting PLAN A, falling back on B, C, etc.)

You get to choose one PAIN.

Will you protect your PLAN A, all your eggs in one basket; or have a PLAN B and PLAN C, just in case?

Choose well dear Warrior Friends.



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