#BFAT, live each day, best dayShoveling snow yields the best day of the year

Craziness right?

It’s cold here in New England. We’re throwing snow where there ain’t nowhere to throw it!

But I believe today is the best day of the year.


A little frost behind your ears?


I got to shovel and sweat under four layers of clothes for three hours. I GOT TO SHOVEL. Then I made hot chocolate with marshmallow fluff on top.

Did you catch that everybody?




How did you make today the best day of your year?

Adding to the already best day, the sun came out. Although the thermometer says 4 degrees, I will take Mr. Sunshine as a confidence booster in the middle of the winter. Thank you, kind sir. If it’s not too much to ask, can you come back tomorrow and bring about 70 more degrees with you? 🙂

It’s a good day to be able to shovel three freakin’ feet of snow and then be rewarded with a mug of hot happiness. In fact any day you get to plant your achy, corn infested toesies on the floor is a good day indeed.

More snow a-comin’ folks. I for one will be very happy and thankful to be able to shovel it. It will be the best day of my year.

Be F——g Awesome Today my friends.

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