Holiday Tree Greetings from Dog and A Beer

Dear Friends,

As the year winds down I hope you are surrounded by people you love and those who love you back.

Eat well, drink up and partake in all that is merry!

I’m getting caught up in the season — decorating the house, baking cookies, wrapping a few gifts (I can’t wait to see the expression on the faces of the little ones).

I’m curious…do you get a special gift for yourself? I confess. I do. It’s usually something I need. Desperately. Like warm gloves!

On a higher note, the end of the year makes me reflective too.

I am humble and grateful for all the good things that have happened to me personally and professionally (all good stuff), and the blessings my family and close friends have received as well.

“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it,” said William Arthur Ward.

I also take a moment to honor people who have passed and those who have fallen on hard times financially, emotionally and spiritually. Sending good vibes and special blessings!

The holidays are not all merry and bright for everyone. Some people have suffered losses that no Christmas carole, brightly wrapped gift or festive card can heal.

While we go about our holidays, let’s remember these folks with our kind words and thoughtful expressions. A simple “thinking of you” note goes a long way to easing their pain, especially those who will go through the holidays without their special someone.

And remember: Hugs are warm and free! Give generously.

Cheers, Blessings and Good Tidings!

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