When I recently found the salt/pepper grinder in the refrigerator…well, I thought that maybe today should be the day to stick to a single task. Perhaps I should look in the un-obvious places for those pesky reading glasses.

www.dogandabeer.comMost people I know are multi-taskers. Me too.

I say this with very little pride because it’s not a badge of honor to say you’re so busy. Once I worked with a woman who said she’d been so busy there was no time to pee. Really?

Because I adore my bladder, I’m willing to try to not do so many things at the same time. And because it’s making me think I’m getting that “losing my mind affliction”.

In today’s world, with gadgets and gizmos to keep us hooked 24 hours a day, it’s more likely that we tend to run on all four cylinders and on an empty tank to boot. Is it any wonder by the end of the day we’re exhausted, feeling unaccomplished?

Maybe we should TRY to give up multi-tasking for a day. I should TRY. You can if you want to.

So hard when the tropical sunshine is melting the bitter New England winter from my veins  — ahh, warmth. C’mon guys, who wants to work when the surf and sand beckon bare feet?

Yet because I took a few days away from home to work on a big project (and haven’t started yet!) I have charged myself to not multi-task for this one day.

Nope. Will not drink and shell-gather while watching dolphins frolic in the ocean. Ugh.

If you care to join my one day moratorium on multi-tasking, let’s do it.

1. Simple. Pick your one task.

Today I will focus on being focused to do one thing well. Forget the 487 other things on the To-Do list!

2. Simply. Stay at your task without stopping.

I’m a steady six hours into writing a Manifesto for this BE F.A.T. mission thing I’m on. I did take pee breaks, okay.

3. Simplify. Clear your space, shut out the world.

I shut off all distractions (EVERYTHING electronic and the window shades) and used the old-fashioned method of pen & paper to write.

This one task today may have kept me away from enjoying the sunshine but I feel totally satisfied with my progress. I ended with pages and pages of notes and a decent outline to build on.

And this aging skin thanked me, too.

Can you simplify down to one task that you really want to accomplish? And more, can you shut off all the distractions to focus to get ‘er done?

It’s a tough one you guys. But totally worth the end of day reward. Hmm, red or white?

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