How a “Lone Nut” and a “Loyal First Follower” can create a Movement

How to create a movementThe term #BFAT is an idea with the potential of becoming a movement.

It had its “Lone Nut” (me), the person who dreamed up the name but certainly not the the idea of being the best YOU every day. Heck my mamma taught me that. #BFAT also had its “First Follower” too — a friend who will remain anonymous, unless that person chooses to step forward.

Have you ever been part of a movement? Woodstock maybe? Deadhead? A Parrothead? That’s a Deadhead in a Hula skirt. And unless you’ve been hiding under a rock lately, the Ice Bucket Challenge to benefit ALS is a movement of epic proportions.

I’ve watched this video, originally posted on TED in 2010, several times. Here, entrepreneur Derek Sivers explains how to create a movement in less than three minutes. It makes me smile and I hope it makes you want to join a movement you believe in.

NOTE: The most important person in the creation of a movement is not the person who started it. Listen to the end of the clip to learn the person who propels a movement forward.

Looking forward to seeing you join the #BFAT Movement.

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