Get planting to reap what you sow.



Welcome Spring.

Rebirth and renewal, right?

It’s time to remove the heavy coverings of winter and face the change of season. So exciting! We get to turn over the earth from its hibernation, add some nutrients and plant new seeds.

I find digging in the earth to be a great place to think and clear my head. Plus you get to channel your inner kid in the fashionable name of “gardening”. Now that’s what we do for the digestible fruits and veggies…

But what “mind seeds” will you sow this spring? After a long winter of hunkering down to stay snug and warm, perhaps you’ve spent some long dark days thinking, dreaming or planning to do something fabulous. A new business idea, a creative project, taking a class?

Can’t see wait to hear about what you reap after you sow. As a British friend of mine says, “Lots of watering, sunshine and your tender administration” will yield great results! Go Sprout Yourself.

Whatever your plans, #BFAT.


2 Thoughts on “Planting “Mind Seeds” #BFAT

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  2. Anonymous on 08/25/2014 at 6:06 AM said:

    Thanks for the inspiration! Love your blog! Deb k

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