Snapping Turtle and human

Human checks on suicidal turtle.

As a dog I get to observe the comings and goings of my surroundings all day…Recently a snapping turtle s-l-o-w-l-y walked around my yard, climbed up the jagged rock wall and hurled itself over a cliff falling about 12 feet into the woods. I could have done this in under one minute, but for the turtle this took all morning to accomplish. Three days later the turtle was seen walking back through the yard, unharmed, and apparently heading back to where it came. My human checked out the “extraordinary” recovery and noted that except for a chip in his shell, which probably has been there from prior suicide attempts, the turtle didn’t appear worse for the wear. Is there a lesson in falling off the cliff you Humans can learn from my lazy observation?

About Dixie, The Dog

I'm a rescued Australian Cattle Dog. Female. Born 8/31/2010, in case you want to sent me a card or gifts. I love long walks on the beach, chasing critters and curling up on the couch observing human behavior!

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