Marilyn Munrow better to be ridiculous than boring

Dear Friends,

I know it’s not new, but what do you think of the Ugly Sweater craze this year? Love it? Don’t love it? Been on a Sweater Party Pub Crawl? Ugly Sweater 5K or other sweater-related event?

I confess, years ago I had one. It was a very nice wool sweater with a bedazzled Christmas tree. And it became my go-to attire every Christmas Eve for years. It wasn’t gaudy, really, but for its time, well,,,

It was the most ridiculous piece of clothing I’ve ever worn (okay except for the culottes in the 70s, but didn’t David Sedaris make them fashionable again on Jimmy Fallon’s show recently?)

You know what? People smiled at its silliness. Children positively loved the sweater. Under the “tree” was a box, the lid tied down with a button, and when unbuttoned revealed a small plastic teddy bear.

About three years ago I donated the 20 year old sweater along with bags of unwanted but still wearable clothing. I wonder if it’s turned up at someone’s sweater party? It was red with a bright green tree – can’t miss it.

It wasn’t necessarily “ugly” by today’s $8 million industry standard, but it sure was a conversation starter. And warm.

Go ahead…share your ugly sweater, or other ridiculous outfit that caused you great joy and perhaps a few laughs. Just don’t be boring!



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