#bfat, awesome, positive quotes, sadness,bad moodSadness comes in all shapes and sizes. From big deal life crises to the small shit. Right? It’s kind of like being in a funk. Tough to get out of it sometimes.

It’s important to note that sadness is not the same thing as depression.

Some suggestions to help:

~ Decide to be sad today. Sounds counterproductive but it’s not. There is a positive purpose of sadness.

~ Get physical. We know that taking a walk around the block or jumping rope releases endorphins. The link between exercise and mood is pretty strong.

~ Make a gratitude list. I know this is overstated but seriously, when you write down that you are grateful for toilet paper and the power of a working septic system…just saying. I am a grateful gal today.

I try to not be sad anymore but when I turn on the news I get so sad. Another senseless killing, protests over race or religion, not just in this country but around the world. Sickness, disease, natural disasters…see? Sad.

I am consciously aware of putting myself in a sad mood. I take it all in, personally. Sure some things, the BIG GLOBAL things, I can’t do anything about. But I can be proactive and change my attitude.

That’s when I decide to get off my sad sorry ass and do something I CAN do. A phone call to an elderly shut-in, bake some cookies for a loved one — using that nasty white shortening crap because it makes the cookies taste the best. And peanut butter chocolate chip are his favorite.

Little things for someone else is living the #‎BFAT‬ way. By doing ONE THING for someone or yes, ourselves, we push that big sad off to the side for a moment. We make (perhaps) someone else’s sad day a bit happier.

For most of us being sad is often temporary. It happens. Today, if you are feeling sad, tell it to take a seat in the back of the room and go be awesome.

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