New ENgland HawkA beautiful hawk with a wing span of about six feet swooped into my front yard this morning. He glided effortlessly on to a rocky area planted with barberry, lavender, hydrangeas, poppies and other plants gifted from friends’ gardens. The granite rock garden is home to a slew of chipmunks and rabbit families. We’ve all managed to live together harmoniously even though the pesky bunnies drive my dog insane and nibble away the hostas. The chipmunks are rather benign creatures that spend much of the day playing hide-and-go-seek with the other chipmunks. One such unsuspecting chipmunk met his fate when the hawk’s talons yanked the weaker critter from his play time and together they flew off and away.

Moral of this story: Get in shape to outrun or outwit even the biggest competition. It could keep you from becoming someone else’s lunch.

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