We’ve all heard the kick-ass term: “Failure is not an option.” Do you know where the phrase came from? In preparation for the movie, Apollo 13, the script writers, Al Reinart and Bill Broyles interviewed Flight Dynamics Officer, Jerry C. Bostick to learn what the people behind Mission Control are really like. Bostick said the Read More →

“And then what happened?” I asked this question of my daughter when she was about five years old. She’d drawn a picture of a meadow, with a brook running through it. There were trees and bushes. And a horse! (BTW: Not to brag, but she’s all grown up, and a talented artist.) She began to Read More →

  “You can’t there from here.” We New Englanders know the irony of this quote, but the fact is, if you don’t show up at all, you will get nowhere, fast. I’m not sure how true this is, but I read these two quotes attributed to the legendary Woody Allen: 70% of success is showing Read More →

time suckers 10 things to never do again

“Happiness is not a goal; it’s the by-product of a life well lived.” — Eleanor Roosevelt I got to thinking about the things I really enjoy doing, and why I don’t do them more often. For me, these things revolve around relationships, travel, food (includes wine), and writing. What do you enjoy? Do you find Read More →

Nina Simone, Michael Bublee, It's a New Dawn

By it’s very definition, Zen is a total state of focus Zen incorporates the togetherness of body and mind. Maybe a little “out there” for some people, but I challenge you to look at a beautiful sunrise and not feel your body and mind come together. The moment this photo was snapped I felt that Read More →

#bfat, awesome, positive quotes, sadness,bad mood

Sadness comes in all shapes and sizes. From big deal life crises to the small shit. Right? It’s kind of like being in a funk. Tough to get out of it sometimes. It’s important to note that sadness is not the same thing as depression. Some suggestions to help: ~ Decide to be sad today. Read More →

#seizetheday, #bfat, enjoy the moments

“Part of life is to live it and enjoy it, and seize the moments that you find particularly pleasing,” a quote by Robert M. Parker, Jr. I created this graphic to go with the quote while awaiting the Blizzard of 2015 in New England. How will you seize your moments today? I plan to go Read More →

Happy New Year lightbulbs

I’m not big on New Year’s resolutions. It’s five days in and I haven’t been on the bike yet — so there. But I believe in declaring your dream to give FOCUS to what you want to achieve. When you share your dream (vision, quest, desire) something wonderful happens. You put that dream into your Read More →

Pick a mood today

I remember tacking up a handwritten note on my fridge that simply said: You can have a good day or a bad, it’s your choice. Kinda scary being in charge of your day, huh? #BFAT (Be F—–g Awesome Today) #FYA (Find Your Awesome)

Welcome 2015. God willing, we woke up today to celebrate the gift of today. We get to turn the last calendar page on the old year and welcome all the possibilities of a new one. I don’t know about you but I am a wonder-eyed child this time of the year! Thinking of all the Read More →

F.Y.A. Find Your Awesome

Dear Friends, Here’s a new term for the new year: F.Y.A. Please read on, and share this. I thank you in advance. You are the (author) Hero of your own story. What will you do to write a Happily Ever After or Mission Complete ending? Is there something you know that you know is missing Read More →

Dear Friends, “Am I going to die?” As 2014 comes to a close, have you thought about all that has happened this year? Surely there were many joyous occasions and moments. Births? Weddings? Travel? A new home or job? No matter how your year was filled, are there some things you wished had been accomplished? Read More →


In the beginning God created a skinny chick. And it was good. So I thought. The term # BFAT began with the seed planting of a positive and kick-ass attitude in the wake of a life-changing diagnosis. ESSAY/INSPIRATIONAL/#BFAT It was nearly eighteen years ago when # BFAT changed my life. Although the term hadn’t been Read More →

beer bread recipe

I’ve made this beer bread countless times. Often I change up the ingredients — mostly the beer. Use whatever you have in the refrigerator. The beer someone brought to the party that you will never ever drink? Yeah, use that one. Note: Dark beer gives the bread a darker color and a richer flava. And flavored Read More →

Dog and a Beer Ever After Kind

ESSAY/HUMOR/LOVE/MARRIAGE— The Happily Ever After Marriage handbook is filled with fine print. With a healthy dose of humor a marriage will survive lots of hills and valleys, and a few frogs. I’m in the backseat of a beat up Dodge Dart, sipping Boone’s Farm Apple Wine and listening to a guy describe how he’d shoved Read More →

Be Awesome #BFAT

There are plenty of things-to-do that will grab your attention today and keep you from doing that thing you KNOW will make you do the happy dance! Just remember to take the time to get ONE THING accomplished today that will take you closer to your Nirvana. #BFAT 

New ENgland Hawk

A beautiful hawk with a wing span of about six feet swooped into my front yard this morning. He glided effortlessly on to a rocky area planted with barberry, lavender, hydrangeas, poppies and other plants gifted from friends’ gardens. The granite rock garden is home to a slew of chipmunks and rabbit families. We’ve all Read More →

PublicDomainPictures / Pixabay

INSPIRATION — Finding our purpose in life or fulfilling a dream is often a lifelong journey. Sadly, often it dies untapped. But many of us know that itchy place, and we’re this close, if only we could reach out and give it a good scratch. Better hurry. Do you have a burning itch that needs to be Read More →

Sign, Symbol, Deer

HUMOR — Gardening in a woodland location is complicated by deer who love to chomp on tender flower and vegetable gardens. In search of organic and humane population control methods, the best defense is exposed. Today my quest is for a natural pest control method to deter deer from devouring my gardens, preferably without sophisticated Read More →