Happy New Year lightbulbsI’m not big on New Year’s resolutions. It’s five days in and I haven’t been on the bike yet — so there.

But I believe in declaring your dream to give FOCUS to what you want to achieve.

When you share your dream (vision, quest, desire) something wonderful happens. You put that dream into your subconscious. And it simmers like a good stew.

Say it aloud each day to yourself or someone who supports you. Write it down and keep it in front of you.

I am a writer.

It’s so hard some days to say this out loud. Some days I’m good at it. Some days I suck. But I write something every day. I stay focused even when I want to give up and take up donut making.

My continued “resolution” (okay, I caved) is to keep writing, pitching ideas and sell a big project.

On the creative side:

  • Finish the new screenplay in the works
  • Revise my current screenplay
  • A memoir I’m thinking of turning into fiction (to protect the innocent!)
  • Pitch the reality show developed called BITCHIN’ FISHIN’
  • Submit a Sitcom called BEFORE THE RING

I’ll keep you posted.

On the business side:

  • Pitch magazine articles (online and print).
  • Take on more copywriting opportunities — blog posts/website updates/bios/sales materials.I am a crazy writer tshirt

Okay, now I am accountable.

Declare your dream, my friends, and that accountability statement will give you the focus to get there. Share your dream. Or your resolution. Whatever you call it.

When I saw this shirt it made me chuckle. My real friends know my brain is in a crazy place when I am in the writing zone.

Off to do a few miles on the bike.

Feel free to share your dream or resolution in the comments section.

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3 Thoughts on “Share your dream or resolution

  1. Electra on 01/09/2015 at 5:20 PM said:

    ok … ok … I’ll make a list … I sure nee to do something!!

  2. I want that shirt. Where can I get that shirt?
    Judy Charlotte recently posted…My journeyMy Profile

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